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When it comes to world-class gutter cleaning and repairs, our company stands head and shoulders above the competition. We offer comprehensive solutions for all types of gutters including metal-based and plastic variations. With years of experience and a passion for gutter cleaning, we understand what's required to make sure your gutters are free of leaves, dirt, and any other type of materials.

Our team ensures only the best materials and safety standards are applied during the maintenance process. To get started, feel free to give one of our trusted roof repair specialists a quick call.

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    What Our Team Has To Offer

    Gutter Leak Repair

    When leaks start happening, it's important to take care of the damages as soon as possible. Letting these issues continue can create major expenses down the road. By respected gutter repair specialists will be more than happy to spot these leaks and take care of them on the spot. Our company is always ready to offer world-class gutter leak repairs at a budget-friendly r

    Gutter Guards Installation

    To install gutter guards, it's best to call in a professional company such as ours. We can help set up guards to protect against water damage, mould, and/or pests throughout the year. These guards also increase the cleanliness of your gutters making it easier to keep them unclogged. Give us a chance and know the gutter guard installation will be done the right way.

    Gutter Installation

    When it is time to set up a brand-new gutter system for your property, we are the number one option in town. Our specialists will take the time to go through each detail while making sure the installation is professionally processed from top to bottom. This includes offering access to state-of-the-art craftsmanship techniques at an affordable rate.

    We offer a long list of gutters that come in different materials, colors, and sizes depending on what you require.

    Gutter Cleaning

    Cleaning your gutters is essential and is a major requirement when it comes to keeping a property in good shape. If the gutters remain unclean, they can start to clog up due to dirt, moss, and other related debris. It's important to make sure the gutters are cleaned before they get blocked.

    If the gutters are allowed to stay clogged, they will eventually break and cause flooding inside the property. By choosing our trusted gutter cleaning service, these problems will never cause you trouble.

    We are more than happy to go through a completely personalized maintenance plan for your needs. This includes assessing the cutters, level of foliage, and how often the cleanings need to happen to keep the gutters in good standing.

    Our services include:

    • Increased Longevity for Roofing
    • Complete Protection From Water Damage
    • Increased Lifespan for Gutter System

    Why Choose Us

    Uncle Roofing was established in 2015 under the direct stewardship of a professional roofing expert with more than 15 years of experience in the roofing industry. Our entire team of roofing experts is committed to providing clients with only the best quality materials and roofing services. When you choose Uncle Roofing as your partner you will receive the following benefits:

    • Best Quality Roofing Materials
      Because we use only the best roofing materials available from market-leading manufacturers, our workmanship is unrivaled and therefore we are able to offer a minimum one-year warranty on our services.

    • Professional Standards
      Our roofing process involves a meticulously worked out series of planned steps according to a strict schedule that includes regular communication and progress reports.

    • Free Cost Estimates
      After examining your roof and preparing an evaluation report that highlights the specific repairs required and details of the costs involved, we will provide you with a free cost estimate.

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    What Is the Cost of an Onsite Inspection?

    We charge RM30 if you want us to come and inspect your roofing. We'll figure out what the problem is, where it's coming from, and how to fix it with a solution and a price. The onsite inspection fee will be waived if you're happy with the price. If you don't want us to perform the work, we'll only charge you for the onsite inspection fee. This will cover our time, effort, and transportation costs as well.

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