Waterproofing Solutions For A Flat Roof

If your flat roof is suffering from cracks, leaks, and puddles, it’s about time to administer some waterproofing solutions. Since the 70s and the 60s, flat roof tech has come a long way and now there are various styles and materials that can be used to transform the architectural style. Some of these solutions are even being widely used in some of the most interesting and unusual ways. So read on as we dive into some neat waterproofing solutions.

Flat roofs can now be easily fixed with patch repair kits, paint on acrylics, and even rubber membranes that all last a lifetime. Choosing the best repair method can be quite tricky so we’ve done the work and made a list of some common issues and how you can go about fixing them.

Fixing A Leak While It’s Raining

We all know that these situations come up from time to time and in this emergency, it’s easy to simply apply a waterproofing solution. Waterproofing solutions are the easiest fix for this job and they can be used in wet conditions. Acrypol Plus is an excellent product that is used to fix cracks that are up to 10 mm wide. It even comes in grey so that it matches the shade of your existing roof while blending in nicely.

If you didn’t already know, Acrypol is a resin that looks like a paste and it hardens into an elastic overlay. This ensures that moisture is stopped and cannot filter through the crack. The chemical composition of the resin also effectively traps moisture so that it can evaporate on its own.

Waterproofing A Complex Flat Roof

Some complex flat roofs tend to have so many abutments and details which makes it seem like the job is complicated. In this case, liquid rubber can be used since it flows easily and is very flexible. The membranes of the mixture make it one of the easiest ways to waterproof any complex flat roof.

In addition, the compound is 100% eco friendly and provides a life long expectancy. These even come in options that are suited for those kings and queens of DIYs. Liquid rubber solutions offer its users great adhesive properties meaning it will bond pretty well with anything that already exists on top of the roof.

Wide Cracks On The Roof

If you’re faced with cracks larger than 10mm wide, then you’re going to need the flexible mesh known as Acrypol Scrim. The material can be placed on top of any crack or split on your roof and it even bridges the gap on your gutters if need be. This mesh can add flexibility to the roof without breaking your watertight barriers.

Repairing A Small Leak Without DIY Skills

If you’re not exactly the handy type, there’s no need to worry because there are several roofing patches that are available. These are just as effective as any other method that we’ve described in our article. However, this option comes in a patch solution or a brush-on solution.

If you’re thinking of trying the patch, all you need to do is think of how you’ll apply a plaster and go about the application process the same way. In the instance of the brush-on solution, all you’ll need to do is brush one coat on and you’ll successfully waterproof that spot on your roof.

Long Term Solutions

If your roof has blisters and cracks, you’re going to need a solution that covers your entire roof. This can be done with an elastomeric coating. Unlike many others, this coating can be installed when it’s damp and it doesn’t force you to make changes to your roof. In order to apply it, you’re simply going to need to pour it on the surface and use a roller brush to cover the entire surface.

As we conclude, we have just looked at some waterproofing solutions for different scenarios on your flat roof. Each method is dependent on the type of damage being repaired as well as the size. While repairing your roof, don’t forget to apply safe practices.

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